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image-leftquote.png Whenever friends and family ask me what I want for Christmas, I always ask for Minnie Beasley’s Lace Cookies. I love these cookies! It has become a regular part of my coffee hour indulgence. image-rightquote.png


Jenny Johnson
Denver, CO

   The Minnie Beasley Heritage   

Dear Friend,

My great aunt Minnie Beasley lived with my family while I was growing up in Memphis, TN. Aunt “Min” was a very loving woman and blessed us in so many ways. One such blessing was the recipe for our Award Winning almond lace cookies.

Around the holidays, my mother would spend an afternoon making our family batches of these cookies - she could never make enough! There wasn't a holiday we did not have my aunt Minnie's cookies around, in fact I cannot imagine a holiday without them.

These delicate wonders are a holiday tradition spanning four generations. They're my personal favorite and the best cookie I've ever eaten. I would like to share these treats with you and your friends and family, so please do not hesitate to call.

Each one is hand made with care from the finest ingredients just as aunt Minnie Beasley made them. Thank you for visiting us and don't forget to send a bag for any occasion to someone you love!


Harmon Beasley Canon

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